Monday, November 24, 2014

Survivor Series 2014 Results: Sting Makes his WWE Debut!

Sting debuts in WWE!
Every so often I find myself underwhelmed with upcoming WWE pay per views; the matches just don't have much behind them, nothing new seems to be happening, then BOOM WWE hits us with a show that is just flat out great and suddenly I'm hooked all over again.  The last time I remember a WWE show being that good was WrestleMania 30, and there hadn't been many others in the months before that.  Survivor Series 2014 was without a doubt one of those shows.

Of course the big story going in with the Team Cena vs. Team Authority match which would see either all of Team Cena get fired (yeah right) or Triple H and Stephanie would lose power - with Brock Lesnar not competing on the show, they really built an alternate story that delivered in more ways than I would have ever imagined...on to the results:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling Signs Jim Ross to Broadcast First PPV

Jim Ross Global Force WrestlingJeff Jarrett's new promotion "Global Force Wrestling" has made a few rumblings over the past few months about their launch but has held back for the most part when it comes to the promotion's actual debut or even what talent they will be using; today for the first time the company has announced a major talent acquisition and it isn't one that we will see in the ring, but rather behind the broadcast table as GFW has signed arguably the most decorated wrestling broadcaster of all time, Jim Ross.

"Good 'Ol JR" will debut with GFW as he calls the action for their presentation of New Japan's "Wrestle Kingdom 9" on January 4th.  This is a bit of a throwback since Global Force Wrestling is working with companies around the globe and presenting International events, similar to how WCW worked with New Japan in the early 90s to present the "Japan Supershow."  Jim Ross is obviously the most well known broadcaster in wrestling and is without a doubt the best man for the job, especially since GFW is presenting a real WRESTLING based product.

Team Cena vs. Team Authority - What's Really On the Line?

Team Cena vs. Team Authority
The main event for the 2014 Survivor Series will be a traditional 5 on 5 elimination match that will feature Team Cena taking on Team Authority; the match undoubtedly came together to fill the void that is left since current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will not be on the show and a meaningful match was needed. The match did seem to pop up out of nowhere as The Authority suddenly confronted Cena about joining them or else stepping aside as the new generation takes over; Cena being his "good guy forever" self of course turned down the offer, and a Survivor Series match was born.  The stipulations for the match have been set, but the real question is, what is really on the line in this main event?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Breaking: Rusev Wins the United States Championship from Sheamus on the WWE Network

Rusev U.S. Champion
In case you hadn't noticed, WWE REALLY wants you to watch the WWE Network; at the normal price tag of just..........NINE....NINETY NINE, WWE was constantly reminding us of what a great deal it was - now for the month of November, the Network is FREE to new subscribers and they're throwing everything out there they can to make everyone want to give it a including exclusive title matches.

Monday, October 27, 2014

WWE Releases New John Cena Training Apparel Line
Good news for John Cena fans that have been inspired by his "Never Give Up" style mottos over the years - you can now rock Cena's style in the gym with this brand new line of John Cena training apparel!